Below is a complete list of all alchemy recipes currently available in game. Click on the category icon to display its recipes and effects which will appear within the frame. Use the 'back' key of your browser to return to the main recipe menu. (If you are unable to view, the file is available for download in Excel format.)  This information is subject to change due to game patches.

  Cloth Dyes   Crafted Weapon Lusters   Stat Buff Potions   Trophy Potions
  Unique Cloth Dyes   Dye Remover   Healing Potions   Water Breathing Potions
  Leather Dyes   Poisons   Endurance Potions        Effects
  Unique Leather Dyes   Magical Poisons   Power Potions    Charges
  Enamels Costume Potions -   Monsters   Regenerative Potions    Special Charges
  Unique Enamels Costume Potions - Races   Special Potions    Reactives

This site last updated on 11/09/2007
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